Thursday, February 20, 2014

New place in town: Prep and Pastry

Last week, my hubby/photographer and a visiting friend tried out a new place in center Tucson: Prep and Pastry .  The location is convenient and takes over the former Emilia Grey Tea House.  They changed the d├ęcor to urban chic and it reminded Mark and me of Thomas Keillor's place we reveled in a few years ago on our Napa trip:  Ad Hoc.

Prep and Pastry offer a savory weekend brunch menu and afternoon tea during the week along with breakfast and lunch that resembles the brunch menu.  Our server, Rose, was so upbeat about the menu and what she is learning about quality food. 

My only suggestion to them, at this point, is they need to add color to either the plating or the plates because the photos look a bit flat and don't do justice to the best scrambled eggs I have ever had.  They come from a Willcox egg farm and the crispy bacon (not pictured) recalled the taste and thickness of my Uncle Fleming's hog farm product he used to bring to my grandmother's on special visits.

I will be trying out their tea soon and will let you know how it goes as well.  I recommend giving this new "brightspot" in Tucson a try--the owners are really working hard at delivering some unique selections and, so far, I would say they are doing well.