Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Starbucks poem

Success (an erasure poem based on a Sunday Sports story from the NY Times)

A little more than three years ago,
The man
Told her the future.

The man seemed
An unlikely clairvoyant.
His predictions
Distinctly outlandish:
A romantic rise,
A cash-filled corporate push.

On Sunday:
The future,
Exactly as predicted,

Has arrived. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Honolulu's Beach Walk Haiku: A Mall on the Streets

Watching people pass.
Each one with a tale
to tell, carried in a bag.

Honolulu hype--
The beach is hidden by stores
Where no soul can shine.

It's about money.
Everything has a high price--
even the sandy beach.

For rent:  chairs, bikes with
floating wheels, shade umbrellas,
mats, boats, snorkeling gear.

But some time past:
Taro fields hugged the waters,
Stars danced in the sky.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Missing Maui

Missing Maui
One day later,
I miss Maui:
The hotel cats on the lush lawns,
The sunset hulas,
guitar music with breezes from the sea.

We walked and talked,
Admiring the aquamarine blanket of water,
The pillowing sand covering our feet
As the tide came in,

Our son caught sun,
Drank in his fill,
Opened and closed,
Opened again like a flower
On the Golden Shower tree.

We, too, found singular
And coupled rhythms.
And, like the sea,
We ebbed and flowed--
A rhythm we can carry