Friday, September 23, 2011


Next week Cinema La Placita will be showing the movie, Footloose http://// at 7:30 p.m. La Placita is located at the corner of Broadway and Church and the movies are shown in the plaza area. Chairs are provided, or bring your own. There is a grassy knoll and Gazebo where families with young children are encouraged to picnic. The cost for the movie, including popcorn, is $3.00 per person and all proceeds go to rentals for the movies and the refreshment. There is a Cafe open where you can purchase burgers and sandwiches, ice cream and sodas.

I will be posting an interview of the founder of this fun community event in a couple of weeks. Erika O'Dowd started the Cinema 11 years ago as an adaptation of Monday night movies held in Bryant Park in New York City where she lived for five years. In addition to the pleasure of watching a classic movie, patrons experience two intermissions during the movie where conversations with each other--particularly to meet the person sitting next to you or standing near you as you wait for popcorn--help create a friendly Tucson culture.

My husband and I have seen two movies this summer and felt that taking time off on a Thursday night--grabbing a bite to eat downtown (there are now many more choices downtown, depending on your budget and menu interests) and enjoying a movie under the stars--is a terrific way to begin the weekend a bit early.

The movies are shown every Thursday, beginning the first week of May and ending the last week of October and even when rain threatens (as it did when we saw, ironically, "Singin' in the Rain" in July), the movie isn't canceled until significant raindrops begin to fall. Even then, if the crowd is willing, they rearrange the chairs so that the screen is protected and the show really does "go on"!

So join us next week at Cinema La Placita and dance Footloose with the movie and music.

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