Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prime Time Library Community

Here's a "brightspot" worth sharing---

Last night, we had our last of six Prime Time Story sessions, convened at the Columbus-Eckstrom Public Library in Tucson.  We started with 7 kids and their parents and ended with 20 and their families.  Throughout the project, we shared stories and conversation, a dinner meal and tips on how to stay engaged with library (seen in the photo above) and reading activities throughout the year.  In their exit survey, several families noted that the program had increased family reading time through the six weeks and it is hoped that this new investment in family reading will continue.  This project began with the Lousiana Endowment for the Humanities several years ago and, with additional funding through the National Endowment for the Humanities, expanded to several states, including Arizona.  Only Tucson participates in the program at this time and it is coordinated through the Arizona Humanities Council.  Another series of the program starts at the Martha-Cooper Library next week (with another scholar taking on the role I had), so please spread the word and shine your light on this community effort! 

And here's a second photo with some of the kids in the foreground and me dashing to clean up a liquid refreshment spill.  Never a dull moment with kids....

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