Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blue Flowers and Dinner time with Gray

The 2nd shot is also on my other blog .  It's from our back yard where Gray occasionally hangs out, but only when Lia-dog isn't interested in popping through the doggie door to give a half-hearted chase.

I really believe Gray came to us for a reason.  We have now met Ashley, Billy Boy and Chris, Austin and Yogi Berra, deepened our connection with Addie and Chaquita with more new neighbors to come.  Besides, encouraging me to take more "slow life" time, read, write, watch butterflies and the sunset, Gray's appearance is creating community within my neighborhood.

In shots #2 and #3, here he is (looking a bit happier for regular food, I think), after and before dinner today.  Again, all the photo shots are by hubby, Mark.

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