Sunday, June 9, 2013

BrightSpots Duo

BrightSpot #1:  Bookman's Sports Store on 3330 E. Speedway

We tough Tucsonans who stick around in June (and throughout the summer) find ways to celebrate our lives here and it's really not that hard if a person has access to a cooling system during the day but gets out and about during the cooler temps (early a.m. or after sunset).  Last evening, we had a light dinner at Fronimo's on Speedway, a favorite, reliable Greek restaurant, and then decided to check out the new Bookman's Sports Store nearby.  We were delighted with the interior which, in addition to a wide and affordable selection of used and new sports gear of all kinds, also offers several antique pinpall machines, HD flatscreen tvs (all on sports channels, of course) and free WiFi with cafe tables and chairs.  The restored brick interior is cool and spacious and another place to add to the "go to" sites for both cooling off and connecting to others.  Here are three pics from our visit. 

The floor sign has vintage tilework.

The bicycle and baseball figures are "dummies in motion"!
Feeling a bit energized from the Bookman's experience (lots of good energy in the place and chatting with the knowledgeable sales people was fun), we decided to head downtown for one of Tucson's Second Saturdays. 
Bright Spot #2:
We walked up and down Congress Ave., listened to rock n' roll, jazz (a wonderful rendition of "Summertime" played by a saxaphonist sprayed in silver so he probably does a street-statue scene as well), watched graceful belly dancers (, and shared a small, but still decadent cup of salted caramel ice cream from The Hub.  Lots of families, seniors, young adults mulling around the food trucks and arts and music venues and, at 7-8 p.m., Tucson was just beginning to open up from a 106 degree day!  This shot was at the beginning of our walk and, an hour later, with Mark's camera battery dwindling, we couldn't snap-and-share a picture of the growing crowd, darkening skies, and festive lights on the streets.  Maybe next month:).

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