Friday, September 13, 2013

La Cocina Redo

It's important that patrons walk past the orange sidewalk barriers and continue to support La Cocina as they go through a significant "redo".  We had lunch with a friend today, Mark and I splitting their delicious pulled pork w/slaw sandwich and side salad.  Mark took a couple of photos of the work in progress and we had a brief chat with Jo, the owner, who has taken on this effort as part of her continuing commitment to improve the downtown's venue's for good food (many items are gluten-free) and local music.

So while we celebrate the new spots opening along Congress and nearby side streets, we want to continue to shine the light on this "brightspot" which offers a sense of the Old Pueblo's eclectic mix of food, music and artisan galleries.  In a few months, the "redo" will be completed and will draw in folks again, but in the meantime, we need to make that effort to support La Cocina during this transition.

Here are the blueprints for the remodeled weather-friendly area with a new beverage bar being added.

And here is the action, dust not included!

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