Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tapas Fusion: Foodie Bright Spot on small plates

As Mark and I have become more aware of our health and are looking for good local places to eat which support this, we are delighted to share photos and brief descriptions on our latest discovery, Tapas Fusion .  Tucked away in a Campbell Ave. shopping center between Ft. Lowell and Glenn, we pass it regularly and once frequented the Italian restaurant it replaced.  So, this week, we made it a point to go in and immediately liked the comfortable design of the place.  Like the restaurant before it, there is an open kitchen, but Tapas fusion added a bar and decor that is modern and urban-chic.  But looks aren't everything--it's the taste and service that matters and both get gold stars from us on this visit.  We will definitely be back and are telling our friends to check it out, also.

We started our dinner with salad--spring greens, cherry tomatoes, artichoke pieces, olives (pitted), and cucumbers (I forgot to ask but I suspect they were Persian or English cucumbers, not the standard variety).  The light lemon vinegarette dressing was perfect--and I am not a fan of most dressings with vinegar.

Mark ordered two sliders (we ate before 6 so could still get lunch prices), one was salmon and the other BBQ chicken. 

His salad was included in his entree.

I went for the small plates and picked two:  Mediterranean Meatball Stuffed Mushrooms, dotted with mozzarella and Brie Orange Crostini sprinkled with spinach, cucumber and red pepper.  Both were absolutely wonderful.  I suspect that the meatballs had substantial amounts of garlic and were crunchy and baked in olive oil. 

Mark enjoyed the crostini, too, and the ingredients were fresh and delicate.

As part of our self-imposed calorie limits, we often abstain from dessert but we were intriqued by the "handcrafted chocolates by M. (Mary) Joseph" whom, I discovered, comes from the Phoenix area.  We ordered one dark chocolate merlot and actually split it--divine dessert that was sweet yet soothing.  So was the total bill (under $30.00) plus our usual tip for excellent service and attention as we inquired about the meal preparation and confirmed that the restaurant is owned by a local person.

Treat yourself to a bit of European pleasure at a Tucson-affordable locally owned restaurant and support Tapas Fusion.

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