Monday, October 3, 2016

Introducing Vanessa

image from NYTimes T magazine, September 2016

Introducing Vanessa, chic gal on the streets of Chicago.  She plays the flute in the Chicago Symphony and has a loft apartment on Wabash.  Her favorite off-hours place to hang out is the public library--when she's not visiting vintage shops in the suburbs like Geneva and Elgin. She is going along with her boyfriend, Brad, and his Cubs fan base, but she's really more interested in "da Bears."  Yes, she once lived in NYC but she moved up to first chair in the Chicago Symphony at a random audition last spring and doubled her income, tripled her living space, and bought a used VW jetta.  Let's follow her on her adventures. She may even start traveling with the Symphony's off-season quartet to a concert hall near you.

Scene 1:  Yesterday, after a quick jog around Lake Michigan, Vanessa took a cab to her favorite cafe. (Parking is always a challenge at this little neighbhorhood spot, so sometimes it's best to leave the Jetta in the garage.)  She met up for dessert with her best friend, Linda, who plays clarinet in the Symphony.  Vanessa was meeting Linda's new beau, Charlie, for the first time.  And even the lush desserts weren't as sweet as Charlie (first impressions are important).

"Where's the match up for me?"  Vanessa thought as she finished off the last of the tiny desserts.

So her story continues....

Tell me what you what Vanessa to do, say, experience--let's build this story line together and have some fun!
(An experiment with social media and comedic creatives)

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