Monday, March 26, 2018

Children’s Practice 3/2018

1.      Experimenting with running-on rhyme aka Dr. Seuss
Fish, dish, whis(per), lis(ten), miss, kss risk, tsk, priss

It was dawn when I glimpsed the fish
Jump from the bowl to the dish.
I guessed he was wise about the risk
But then I heard him utter, “tsk, tsk…
I underestimated the risk of the dish,
So would you be so kind as to help me, Miss?
I don’t mean to sound like a priss,
But I need some water dipped into this dish.”
I was surprised at the request from him
To use the dish as a place to swim.
But being a gal who’s inclined to agree,
I nodded and made him a clear blue sea
Of water in his chosen dish.
Now he’s quite a happy dish-risk fish.  3/14/18

2.       Creatures and their actions aka Margaret Wise Brown

Gardenia flowers open one petal at a time.
Each a pearly white, uncurling from her green stem,
Stretching her edges in shadows
Softened by the morning sun
Whose shine shifts its angle by afternoon
When the blossom’s work is done for the day.
Gardenia flowers open one petal at a time.  3/26/18

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