Sunday, January 27, 2019

Domestic Apologies

(Note: format is attributed to "The Domestic Apologies" by Dustin Parsons found in 1/27/19 Sunday Shorts, Creative

Apology to my indoor succulent plant

You have roots curling in brown water and need to be potted.  But I enjoy the way western sunlight shines on your petals and even the brown water glistens.

Apology to my cat

I have to step over you or around you and often I trip on the red rug I crocheted for you.  I am clumsy sometimes and need to practice my balance.

Apology to my office

You serve a purpose and yet I often ignore you because the computer beckons me to write and do bills.

Apology to my rocking chair

You comforted me in my teen years and I took you to my college dorm.  I brought you to Arizona and you warmed me as I rocked my young son into sleep.  Yet now, I use you to hold my scarves and haven't sat on your cushion in years.


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