Sunday, August 7, 2011

defining my niche

I met with a friend of mine who helped me define my focus for my anitawriteforyou/freelance venture.

Here are some clarifying elements to my potential work for you:

1. I will write with an intention to promote local businesses, civic enterprises, entertainment and points of interest with an insider or outsider point of view, depending on the client.

2. I will charge a flat fee for my work, depending on the desired word length. Word cost for print publications will be $1.00 per word; for blog posts, the rate is more variable and will depend on the length of the posting.

3. In these first three months, I will be doing pro bono projects. My early and entertainment blog postings are part of the soft launch of my business. I will also consider limited blog postings and print products to promote civic enterprises that I can authentically recommend to readers.

4. I am open to other thoughts and suggestions. For example, if someone has a skill, such as web creation, I will consider exchanging an equitable amount of my writing to his/her business in return for an equitable exchange on establishing my anitawritesforyou website.

So please let me know how I/anita can write for you.

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