Tuesday, August 2, 2011

mini review of Milagros Cafe in Tucson

One of the goals of my anita@anitawrites.net and this blog (anitawritesforyou) is to feature reviews of local dining, entertainment, recreational spots in the Southwest and Western region--depending on where my travels take me.

So, to start, not far from where I live is Milagros Cafe, 3156 E. Ft. Lowell Road, 881-0048.

My husband and I now eat there for dinner about once a week and we feel like we are being treated to authentic Mexican entrees and desserts. The Cafe is owned by a local family and the menus come from their mother's and other relative's recipes. I hope to be able to interview them and share more of their story. But for right now, I want to encourage Tucsonans to check out Milagros for very affordable and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner food choices.

Their salsa is bright and fresh and offered generously with chips and free refills if you need it. Their dinner entrees now are garnished with a light frisee salad. A new unsweetened raspberry tea has been added to the beverage options and I can attest to the amazing quality of both their flan and tres leches desserts. Returning back to the dinner entrees (I get easily sidetracked by desserts), I tend to go for what I like over and over again: the chili relleno is lightly breaded and modestly filled with cheese which is what I prefer. I don't like my rellenos heavy to handle both inside and out. I also repeat with tacos dorado--both chicken and beef--and order them a la carte because I prefer smaller portions. I add their rice which comes with peas, carrots and, newly added, lima beans.

The 20 or so tables are modest in size, some tile covered, some covered with plastic and flowerful tablecloths.

It's so important to support local small restaurant. So please, try Milagros Cafe. When Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is in town, she orders take out from them so that's an endorsement I think is worth passing on. They also do catering and sell homemade pastries from the counter.

Go there and let me know what you think.