Saturday, June 30, 2012

June's Food Truck Roundup In NW Tucson

Last month, I posted about our first experience with Tucson's Food Truck Roundup.  We had a tasty veggie wrap and Cuban sandwich from Jamie's Bitchen Kitchen (see photo below of their graphic-stand-out truck) and delicious moon pies (one vanilla, one salted caramel) from Pin-Up Pastries  (This visit, we didn't try Pin-Up "cake pops" but we watched two little girls gleefully munching on their sprinkled delight).

At this week's NW location for the Round-Up, our son (former Arizona Inn Sous Chef) joined us.  He raved about the Cuban Sandwich and moon pies.  He and my hubby (photographer), enjoyed pork and chicken tacos from a truck I am sorry to report I didn't get info on or photos of---next time! For my meal, I savored a goat cheese, arugula, apple and pear spread sandwich (to me, I thought it was a panini but it wasn't billed that way:  see photo of sandwich and food truck with chalkboard menu) from Foodie Fleet.  This time for dessert we tried a creme brulee (which our son said was light and creamy--comparable to the Inn's) and we had an amazing chocolate peanut butter cup (see photo) that was rich and thick with peanut butter and creamy dark chocolate.  We totally lucked out with weather since it rained right before we got there and, with the breeze, it was a comfortable 82 degrees.  More folks were at this event than the location on Grant Rd. in May--families with kiddies, just-off-work professionals, and "other" like us. Plenty of tables and chairs (and even a pop-up tent space) were available.  Again, as last time, folks we met were in the mood for fun, casual conversation and, of course, food.

Have yourself some fun and food and enjoy this Tucson event next time it comes around.  These Round-Ups are another "brightspot" of life!

Contact for Jamie's Bitchen Kitchen; Foodie Fleet; Street Delights; Pin-Up Pastries

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