Monday, July 30, 2012

School Supplies from the Tucson Community

When I worked as a Reading Seed Volunteer, I became familiar with the ongoing needs of kids in school for pencils, tablets--just the basics--at Pueblo Gardens Elementary School.  Most often the teachers I worked with bought the supplies and, before the Fall term had ended, were also buying toilet paper and paper towels to supplement the school's budget.

Walgreen's stores, Starbucks and others in the Tucson community are collecting supplies and I have done my part to add to this badly needed resource.  Here's a picture of a full basket at Starbucks.

 Have you had the opportunity to donate yet?  A little goes a long way and most of the school supply stores have ganga-bargains so the dollars can be stretched to the max.  Consider giving what you can and then add a pencil more to your donation.  It makes a big difference to kids to have new supplies, particularly at a time when many families are working more than two jobs to make ends meet.  I know we can make this fall's school supplies collection another "brightspot" in Tucson.

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