Friday, August 17, 2012

August Food Truck Round Up

On a relatively cool August evening, parked in front of The Shelter, a bar on Grant Road, my hubby (photographer for AnitaWrites) and I enjoyed a tasty fare.  For the two of us, the combined meal was around $17.00, including nicely chilled bottled waters from Baja Taco.  So enjoy the pics and comments and check out the Round Up when it comes to your part of town in the Tucson region.

A new touch to the event is a "say something nice" megaphone where folks can call out neighborly remarks to the patrons.  One clever dad took his crying toddler to the microphone and the experience actually settled the tyke to a small whimper--so I guess the kind karma works in reverse, too.

This was our first tasting from the Baja Taco Truck and we went back for seconds.  That's saying a lot for me, because fish tacos are still an exotic food choice for my palate.  I liked the combo of flavors and crunchiness of the fish and pico de gallo.  The fish was fried in beer batter and Mark, who is an afficiando of fish tacos said that, compared with local (La Salsa) and chain varieties, this was fresh-tasting and "a nice balance between the green sauce and the generous portions of talapia and salsa fresca."  And, also--the service is friendly!

Okay, after two tacos, we went on to three BBQ pulled pork sliders--another new addition for our experience.  I am a midwesterner and a niece of a hog farmer and I can tell you the pork was succulent and sauce was both salty and sweet.  What I also loved was the toasted, crunchy slider buns that held the meat so that there was very little messiness to the meal.

And, of course, a trip to the Food Truck Round-Up wouldn't be complete (at least for me), without a salted caramel moon-pie from Pin-Up Pastries.  I reviewed them in more detail in a previous post, but nothing has changed in the yumminess (except the price: one is now $3.00 instead of two for $5.00, but it's still a deal).

Now, if all these photos haven't tickled your taste buds (and encouraged your pocketbook), think about this:  buying from local vendors keeps the local dollars flowing through Tucson.  That's how our community prospers---.  More will be posted soon on that topic: community prosperity.  For now, just enjoy the food show which has 0 calories but can bring pounds of pleasure.


Lindy said...

Hey Anita..... One Word Commentary, YUM .... you know so many folks around town; how 'bout finding a new sweetie for ME ( that would be awesome ). don't you Know a Divorced or Widowed Guy worthy of my Wit.... and New York Style ??? I'm Serious, gal....LINDY

Anita Fonte said...

Hmmm. No one comes to mind, but I will keep such options open. I find potentials hanging around at Starbucks in the afternoon, but, then, I am not looking, just observing our generation's mating patterns for potential new fiction ideas.