Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am not really in a "jubilation" mood--lots of background noise with a potential hurricane hitting The Big Easy and other political storms in that part of the country.  However, I am doing my "happiness" inventory and I have much to be grateful for so I am turning my attitude toward the mountain tops and lifting up my spirit to the skies.  From that perspective, I share this word with you for today and ask:  what are you willing to "shout out about?"  I will jubilate about our recent visit to Mt. Lemmon, during summer rains, captured in the picture by my husband/photographer.

jubilate \JOO-buh-leyt\, verb:

1. To show or feel great joy; rejoice; exult.
2. To celebrate a jubilee or joyful occasion.

Though this sudden setback of the plague was as welcome as it was unlooked-for, our townsfolk were in no hurry to jubilate.
-- Albert Camus, The Plague

This would enable me to jubilate like a normal person, knowing why.
-- Samuel Beckett, The Unnameable

Jubilate derives from the Latin word jūbil- meaning "to shout."

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