Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Food Truck Round Up at Himmel Park

I can't believe it's been since August that we last joined a Tucson Food Truck Round-Up, but I guess that's the way the months flew by this fall.  So, we made a determined visit to Himmel Park on Sunday to enjoy some new tastings of good, affordably-priced local food.  Tho the Round Up was smaller (6 trucks) than other ones we have attended or followed, we didn't lack for choices and the location was really nice with the parking available and park tables accessible in addition to those provided by the truck vendors.  Here is our sampling below.  We both enjoyed Chef's Kitchen's fare:  grilled Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese on Dill-Rye bread and served buttery and pressed like a panini ($5.00).  We also liked the healthy edamame ($4.00 in a large bowl, here is just the sampling) with freshly made ranch dressing with other seasonings available.

Mark has more a more adventurous palate than I do, so he savored the MexicanAsian Food Company offering of Korean Tacos (3 for $7.00).  I asked the chef for more info on the ingredients in the tangy sauce and she shared a long list that included: onions, cilantro, Kimchi, Asian beef, sesame and Romaine Lettuce.  What a pretty picture good food makes!


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