Saturday, December 1, 2012

about Amanda's story

While I have posted several items that I had hoped people would read, the number of reads for Amanda's Story surprised, and then concerned me.  I have deleted it from this blog because, at 4 a.m., I couldn't sleep, concerned about the possible negative effect this story, emphasis story, might have in the cyber world.

I did not know Amanda.  I was touched by her obituary because, as a parent I wondered about what would cause the death of this seemingly vibrant young woman.  As a mother, I have had experiences that I inserted into her story, and as a human being, I had connections to her story that I appropriated and used via my imagination.

In no way did I want to do anything but take the suggested prompt and imagine a wonderful, happy scene for this young woman.

So, if this story touched others--in a good way--I am glad but it served its purpose and has been removed.  And, if any way I offended or disturbed, that was definitely not my intent, and the story has been removed.

Words have power and, sometimes, words go beyond their intended purpose.

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