Friday, January 25, 2013

BrightSpots: Hacienda del Sol lunch and dinner desert at Nana's Kitchen

As you know by now, Mark and I love food.  I suppose one of the unspoken qualities of long-time friends of ours is that they love food, too.  So, last weekend, we had several "play days" with friends and food was part of our visits.

On Friday, with snowbird-Ohioan, Gail, we had a lovely lunch on the patio at Hacienda Del Sol where our son, Aron, works as Banquet Chef. .  My husband ordered a favorite he had on our anniversary last month:  salmon sandwich on pumpernickel bread, aioli and cabbage. He added a side salad with balsamic dressing.  He loves this entree.

Gail and I wanted to make sure to save room for dessert (you will see why as you scroll down), so we split our entree , recommended by our son:  homemade mozzerella and brisket sandwich on foccacia, served with butter lettuce, pickled vegetables and topped with chimichurro, a mild mixture of green pepper, cilantro and parsley.  The meat melted in my mouth is was so tender.  We also added side salads.
So, for dessert, we split between our threesome, the  "shades of chocolate" dessert: chocolate mousse with devil's food cake and homemade white chocolate mocha ice cream.  A shout out to the pastry chef:  Marcos Castro who knows how to make tempting delights that are sweet, light tasting and artfully presented.
Last, but not least at Hacienda, I was in a very smiley place throughout the lunch as I sipped my strawberry mimosa!
The next day, after a good walk at Catalina State Park (see my next post), another visiting-for-the-weekend friend and fellow NIU '76 alumni, Michael, joined us at Nana's Kitchen in Marana.  We finished off the entrees before I remembered to have Mark take food photos but the dessert is here for you to imagine:  it's a red velvet cake with an especially added recipe of Tres Leches from the owner who was celebrating her 40th birthday.  If you are out in Marana, visit this place where the food is good, and, on this particular Saturday night, the Mariachi Band also played rock n' roll tunes!

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