Thursday, January 3, 2013

DeGrazia Chapel: Tucson Spiritual Bright Spot

As the New Year begins, our (I include Mark, my hubby/photographer in the AnitaWrites team), quest for more Tucson Bright Spots continues.  It was a crisp New Year's day--sunshine was bright, sky blue and cloudless and winter air was softly chilled. There was a dusting of snow on the Catalina foothills.  We took an easy drive up Swan to the DeGrazia Chapel and savored the sweet solitude and scenes below.

Here is the archway to the chapel.

The outside of Chapel with single bell that sounds in the breeze.
Inside, the walls are painted with De Grazia iconic figures.
My favorite scene is of three angels which I have also posted on Facebook.
The chapel is just west of the Studio and here is a link to both, tucked away on the east side of the north end of Swan Road.
I encourage you to visit this Bright Spot and begin your New Year with Light and Joy.

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Susan said...

The grounds and gallery offer a peaceful bright spot. Thanks for reminding us. Susan