Thursday, August 1, 2013

Keep Tucson Fringey

In last week's Tucson's Weekly, the cover story was about the push-back from some Tucsonans to how the downtown and urban area of Tucson is changing.  The baseline comment was "Keep Tucson Shitty" (or not), comparing the phrase to "Keep Austin Weird."

In today's (8/1) Arizona Daily Star, Caliente section, there is a story about how the Mother Hubbard Cafe is evolving from a basic eggs, waffle and bacon diner to a niche gluten-free Native American comfort food eatery.  I haven't been there since this change has evolved, but it's on our "go to eat" list now.  What struck me in the article was this quote by a patron, Gary Svenson:

"Tucson is a fringe area.  It's not quite Mexican; it's not quite American...."

So, here's my suggestion to VisitTucson, The Chamber of Commerce, etc. (and I think it fits better than the lame phrase "Free Yourself"):

Keep Tucson Fringey!
Exciting entrepreneurship, exhilarating mountain landscapes, enticing entertainment--all and more happening in the Fringey Tucson area.

What do you think?  Can we start a campaign to Keep Tucson Fringey!  ?

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