Sunday, July 10, 2016

Something Silly: Two Summer Poems

Finding Dory
[Response to Poets & Writers Prompt, 7/7/16—write a poem about a blockbuster summer movie]

Dory repeats,
Jumps in and out of sea water and fresh water--
A blue and yellow bird with fins.
Along her journey—
Her friends never desert her or
Want her to change her ways.
Dory never gives up.
She repeats,

Popcorn Snow
[Response to a prompt: the snow is falling but those are not snowflakes]

It’s a topsy-turvy land.
Trees grow with
Russet roots spreading upward into a
Gingham sky.
Children touch velvet clouds,
Sleep in hammocks perched on pillows of purple grass.
Winter brings rain of glistening pearl drops
In summer,
Hills are covered with popcorn snow.

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