Saturday, July 23, 2016

Words to help you do Happy today

Hmmm.  It's interesting that although I am having fun writing mini posts on three-at-a-time of the "happiest words in literature" (Atlantic magazine 7/12/16)--others seems to be passing on my posts.  Oh, well, in spite of the low reader numbers, here we go:

Rainbow:  Of course, I think about "Wizard of Oz" the movie and Judy Garland's iconic song, but I also think about Irish folktales and a pot o' gold, and the scope of the sky when a rainbow arc extends across the desert sky.  All good and happy thoughts.

Smile: Science says that even when you fake a smile, moving the muscles of the mouth to an upward curve stimulates the brain to produce happy hormones.  Try it NOW!

Won: Oh, I could go dark easily and connect this word to the political convention we have just witnessed this week.  But he-who-shall-not-be-named will not come long to this blog post.  So I have to deliberately switch my mind to connect "won" to more light-filled types of contests such as:  a swim meet, educational award, or even romance as "she won his heart forever."  There--love came in through an open window.  Surprise!!

And here's a Buddha Doodle to take that message to another level of love--

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