Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mark Grushka writes a review

The Curry Leaf Indian Restaurant has become my favorite place to get great curry dishes. This small place has great food and reasonable prices. A lot of people have gotten use to “Buffet Style” Indian food but do not be put off. If you want variety, order your entrĂ©e “Thali” style and you will be treated to a great variety of side dishes including Tandori chicken, soup, Naan and lots of other delicacies for under 10 dollars. The quality is what makes this place so great. The owner will often come out and is very interested in answering questions you may have about the food. The Chai is also the best I have had in Tucson.

Here are pictures of two “Thali” style plates.

PALAK PANEER: Homemade cheese cooked with fresh spinach

LAMB CURRY: I always get it “medium” hot

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