Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sonoran Glass School: Another BrightSpot

As my followers know (but to update newcomers to the blog), I periodically write about "BrightSpots" in the Tucson region that demonstrate the good things about living here.  This week, I want to shine the light on the Sonoran Glass School,

For three years, or so, I have wanted to go to their Open House for Pumpkin Glass-Blowing and this year, we made it.  They had a waiting list of 3 1/2 hours of folks want to "blow their own" pumpkin, acorn or ornament.  There is a nice gallery of items for sale and the prices are very reasonable.  We bought two magnets for $4.00 each (2 for $8.00 or 1 for $5.00).  There was a table of "seconds" with small flaws in the products and a very nice mark-down. 

Besides watching the glass blowers, we also watched one of their faculty making glass beads.  Both of us want to take a class sometime and hope to invite visiting relatives and friends to stop by and consider taking a class as well.  Mark, the "safety man" was very impressed by the ventilation system and overall standard of safety in the building.  To quote him:  "it's a very well designed ventilation system" and "it showed some real forethought in reducing the hazards."  That's high praise from him.

So enjoy these pics.  There are other photos we can post if you comment back and let me know you want to see more!


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