Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sawmill Run in Summerhaven

Mark and I try to do a "mountain Monday" every month and often it is to our wonderful Mt. Lemmon.  We stopped at the Sawmill Run restaurant during the summer which was our first visit to the new place that "replaced" the famous (or infamous, depending on your experience) "Pie Lady's" place which served up mostly pies all year long.  The Pie Lady died, and the new place was built with an extended patio, bar, and expanded dining area inside with a welcoming fireplace.  Our first summer visit to Sawmill Run was very good and so, even though we had only planned on sharing a piece of pie (they offer a more limited dessert menu but you can still go crazy with apple, peach cobbler, a decadant brownie or crumbly cherry pie, a la mode, of course, which is what we had)--we couldn't resist the tangy taste of a pulled pork BBQ which we also shared.

They added a side for each of us (one side, normally accompanies the sandwich and a pickle) and we relished our entree.  The BBQ was a good blend of sweet and salty and the pork was tender and came in ample chunks on the solid bun.  The veggies, a combination of red peppers, zuccini, corn, and yellow squash, were finely diced and sprinkled with carroway seeds.  Mark said he liked the "peppery flavor" that balanced with the BBQ.  I had macaroni and cheese, made with white cheddar and sprinkled with panko crumbs.  Unlike most M&C at diners, this was not salty and I could have doubled my portion I liked it so much. 

But then I wouldn't have room for dessert and the cherry pie was exactly how my mother and grandmother would have baked it.  The bottom crust was thin and buttery, the crumbles on top of brown sugar, butter and bits of flour were light.  And, ah, the filling was full of plump whole cherries, tart and sweet. 

We both will return next month and maybe the chill in the air will contribute to our first experience by the fireplace.  Check out their menu and hours of operation at .

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