Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sabino Canyon: A Natural BrightSpot

An unintentional visit to Sabino Canyon today generated these photos which give testimony to the Canyon as a natural "BrightSpot" in Tucson.

In this one, you can see Thimble Peak in the Catalina Mtns.  Look to just right of the Saguaro which is really two armed, but taken from the side, looks younger than it is.

The photo above shows the clouds beginning to move in from the south, ocotillo in the foreground off the path.
Here two young saguaros are protected by an angled mesquite, seeming to embrace them in its snarly branches.

It's later in our walk, as you can tell by the shadows arcing across this small bosque.


Lindy said...

That's Why I'm Here... glorious desert scenes embrace the soul.

Anita Fonte said...

I agree. I visited TBG today--just can't get enough of the desert in this season.