Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ben's Bells: A Brilliant BrightSpot in Tucson

Friday we visited Ben's Bells at the UA location. (see for more information).  Since I have been doing informal research since July on what makes Tucsonans feel happy, I have learned that Ben's Bells is an element of our community life that everyone I talked with identified as an example of "community happiness." 

When a person decides to commit to completing a Ben's Bells project, s/he is given a Kindness Contract.  In part it reads: I _____ am signing because I believe in building a kinder Tucson for the betterment of all its people...I commit to being kinder to myself so that I may offer more kindness to my community.  This includes taking care of my physical, psychological and spiritual health.... 

Wherever you live, readers, these commitments, I believe, can help you create happiness in your daily life and at this time of the Season, I encourage you to consider applying the Ben's Bells Contract to your life.  We put our green "Be Kind" sticker on our car and I plan to return another time to make a bell in honor of my mom and grandparents.  Here are photos Mark took from our visit.  Enjoy.

Entryway to Ben's Bells: 

When you enter, you are greeted by a friendly volunteer, such as the UA student here:

Inside there is a kiln for the firing clay and a studio for making the bells where we saw children gathered with their parents.  Because the weather was so fine there were also two tables set up outside for bell-making.  With their permission, Mark took this photo of friends making a bell in honor of one of them who had recently lost her mother-in-law. 

There is a permanent bench in the patio, outside of the garden building location to remind passersby to be kind.
And here's a table--just for you--should you care to join Ben's Bells.

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