Thursday, March 21, 2013

poem from The Writer's Almanac

I read this newsletter every day--it's part of my breakfast routine.  And today, this poem touched me as good poems do--in the heart as well as the mind.

Every Day

Awake the mind's hopeless so
At a quarter to six I rise
And run 2 or 3 miles in
The pristine air of a dark
And windy winter morning
With a light rain falling
And no sound but the pad
Of my sneakers on the asphalt
And the calls of the owls in
The cypress trees on Mesa Road

And when I get back you're
Still asleep under the warm covers
Because love is here to stay
It's another day and we're both still alive
"Every Day" by Tom Clark, from Light and Shade. © Coffee House Press, 2006. Reprinted with permission.

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