Sunday, March 31, 2013

Classic Tucson BrightSpot: Mission San Xavier

On Palm Sunday, Mark and I visited the Mission and Church.  We haven't been there since the restoration (partial) of the Church and the colors in the restored facade and frescos are stunning.  As we came into the plaza and walked around the hill, we looked out on the green farmlands, the mountains and the incredible blue sky that still stuns us, contrasted with the white exterior of San Xavier.  The Mission, founded in 1692 by Fr. Kino, is a National Historic Landmark. The church was started in 1783 with 7,000 pesos borrowed from a rancher.  Thirty-three inch walls keep the interior cool during the summer. Find out more about this classic Tucson BrightSpot at  and enjoy these photos.

This photo was taken by Mark from the hill, southeast of the Church.

On this particular day, there were many families walking around, up and down the hill.  Here are a few boys jumping the boulders beneath the cross.
A closer photo of the beautiful church
Inside, so many fantastic images.  Here are just a few we selected to share.  Happy Spring!

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