Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Public comments from Author's Fair at Bookman's on Speedway

Last Saturday, Sharon Thomas, the Business Manager for the newly launched publishing service of Community Renaissance, joined me at the Authors' Fair at Bookman's on Speedway.  We were selling and I was signing copies of Talk UP^ Tucson:  An Exploration of Community Happiness and Prosperity.  We sold 6 books which is above the average of 4-5 in the two hour time span.  As part of our display table I had propped up a large stickie poster and asked passers-by to respond to three prompts:  happiness is..., community is..., prosperity is....  Most of the responses are from kids and represented by drawings rather than words.

My favorite is "happiness is a pink dolphin."  Can you find that one?  Another is "happiness is my dog Daisy." Full disclosure--I drew the doggie picture for the 4 year old.  There is also a cute drawing for "happiness is rock climbing."



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