Friday, May 3, 2013

Penca Restaurant a potential "brightspot"

Opening in March, this hip restaurant on 50 E. Broadway, directly on the "still under construction" Tucson modern streetcar, could be a shining star in our growing culinary scene.  Since I would describe the overall kitchen and service effort as a "work in progress", I will praise the inventive interior you see here:

The mirror above the bar has a story to tell I would like to know and the way the utensils hang on the metal post in the center suggests, to me, the design is going for whimsy as well as urban chic.
I ordered the salad and, most times, salads are pretty standard to me.  Although I had to remind the server I ordered pulled pork on the salad, when I did get it, the meat was tender and savory.  I thought the portion was about right and the wilted greens were perfect in their taste.  More avocado would have added to the plate, but what we have here is a good beginning for a specialty salad.
Go to to see their menu, prices, and directions for a location a bit tucked away west of Scott Avenue.

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