Monday, April 1, 2013

Tucson Botanical Gardens: Year Around BrightSpot

Usually, I go to TBG, it's a solo visit and I take photos on my non-smart cell phone so they don't have star quality to share.  But yesterday, Easter Sunday, Mark came with me and his photos are remarkably beautiful, so enjoy.

A visit to the Butterfly Garden is included with my memberbship and admission for my "guest."  So, of course, we went and lingered.

In the green house, with the butterflies, are many gorgeous flowers.  Here is a liquid-looking orchid.
We had our hats on and water bottles in hand as we passed through the desert gardens.  Can you see the desert wildflowers, pink-hued?
My favorite is the Mexican garden, colorful and quirky.  I get ideas from here and try to bring them to my own backyard.  Mark liked both of these as possible future additions at home.  Who would think of a mailbox as a planter,
or a vintage porcelain sink?
Do you see the angel in the center of the sink flowers? Happy, happy Spring!

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