Thursday, May 30, 2013

AAA Tucson Baseball is a BrightSpot

I love baseball.  Love to watch it, used to love to play it (pitcher).  Growing up in suburban Chi-town, I was raised to be a White Sox fan, but I have become a Dbacks follower--although it's getting harder to know the players with the fast trades that go on in the sport these days. 

So, last night, it was with much happiness--tinged with an impending sense of loss when the Tucson Padres move to El Paso-that we introduced a six-year-old to Kino Sports Stadium and to baseball.  It was a perfect night to be on the lawn, watch the nightbirds (what are those yellow fly-bys), bats, other families, AAA-type between innings entertainments and, yes, even watch the game (Padres won:  3-2).  Here are two shots of two different kinds of "BrightSpots" in my life.

The field and sky for a perfect baseball night:

And a six-year-old getting "kitty hugs" between innings:

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