Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Another Day" Poem

Prompt:  write a poem with each line starting with the letter of the alphabet

Another day

Begins with birdsong and a gray

Cat climbing upon a yellow bench.


Eggs are sizzling in the iron pan,

Fresh fruit from the garden

Glows in blue bowls on the table.

Here there is solace,

Inside a small green-roofed farmhouse

Just outside a Chicago suburb.

Kin from Indiana are coming to

Laugh and linger on the white front porch.

My grandparents offer a full table

Never turning away from a grandchild's questions,

Open to learning from them,

Patient as the

Questions turn to the meaning of life.

Religion is not the

Subject but

Time and Truth are

Understood to be the

Very center of




Zero knowledge.

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