Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Can A Week revisited BrightSpot

A few BrightSpots posts ago, I featured the Miles Neighborhood One Can a Week program.  Here's an updated link for it, that I encourage you to look at:

My husband/photographer and I visited with Peter again yesterday and talked with him in more detail about the program.  We found out some interesting facts worth sharing:

1.  Peter was inspired to create One Can... after a 12/08 post-Obama election house party meeting that was held at our house. 

2.  Since that time, his efforts have generated a 50% participation rate in his neighborhood that, in addition to generating regular contributions to fight hunger in Tucson via the Community Food Bank, has also tightened the fabric of his neighbborhood, building community among neighbors as the project moves "door to door" throughout the residents' homes.  The inclusionary attibutes of One Can... has further deepened the sense of community prosperity in his neighborhood.

3.  His program has drawn national attention from Pres. Obama's 2013 Inaugral Committee, The Huffington Post, National Public Radio, and Feeding America.

4.  In addition to other neighborhoods, such as Old Fort Lowell in Tucson, and other Arizona communities adapting the effort, the One Can... has been adapted to communities in North Carolina and Georgia.

More connections for One Can a Week, the Community Food Bank, the Mayor's Fight Against Hunger in Tucson and other positive grassroots actions going on in Tucson can be found on the One Can... link, so "go to it" and help Tucson develop more One Can... efforts throughout the region.

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