Friday, February 15, 2013

Pima Public Library in Downtown Tucson: BrightSpot

Libraries have always been a "brightspot" in my life. When I was growing up in Elgin, Illinois, I went to the library every Saturday, during rain, snow, sleet and even summer days. In adolescence, I often left the children's section to investigate adult literature that I didn't, for a time, check out, but read, silently to myself. In Tucson, different branches of our public library system have been frequent stops for meetings and research more than book checkouts and, of course, while at the UA, I spent hours at the campus library. More recently, I have been involved in the public library's Prime Time Family Literacy Program, funded through the Arizona Humanities Council and that led me to start my volunteer time as a Reading Partner this past year. Here's a shot of the lobby at the Downtown Library where a class on origami made these hanging birds that gently blow back and forth as the library doors open and close.

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