Monday, February 18, 2013

Wild Garlic Grill Photos of Food

It was a well-timed (with two younger friends) and welcome (after about 3 weeks of my bland stomach and post-stomach virus food) to enjoy a terrific meal and a reasonable price in a setting that is so Tucson "funk".  The restaurant is in a former drive-in food location and still has that "just come in" feel in the parking lot.  But as soon as the door swings open, you are inside a comfortably classy interior with open kitchen, adjacent bar, inside table and patio seating.  The ceiling is redone with mesquite (I think) poles and the colorful walls have local and decorative art.  Tables are set with sheets of white paper, linen napkins and very cozy fabric-covered chairs.

I will share several photos because, truly, the photos are worth more words.

Here's the first of a salad that Mark and I easily shared--a great example of a healthy and carefully presented salad.

One of the friends ordered the fish stew which she said "I would recommend to my family in China."  High praise. 
The other friend chose the chicken with pepper garnish sandwich and not a morsel was left on his plate.
Mark and I have learned to share the meal, and although he had the bigger half of the Santa Fe-spiced pork ribs, I had the larger portion of the potato salad.  The grilled vegetables included kale (Mark's choice pick) and tasty green beans that popped in my mouth as I munched on them.
Although we had the Gilroy garlic swiss cheese fondue, with grilled chunks of sourdough, as an appetizer, we still had some of the fondue remaining and so asked for more bread.  It came freshly baked with warm butter layered on top. (Sorry, I thought we had the fondue picture as well, but I guess not--so you'll have to believe me that it was fantastic!)
We don't leave without dessert--again, shared between the two of us.  Here is the key lime pie, nicely tart, served with fresh berries.
So, don't be fooled by the industrial location on 1st Avenue--go to the Wild Garlic Grill and be prepared to savor the selections.

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