Thursday, February 28, 2013

Food Truck RoundUP at Steinfeld Warehouse

Saturday, 2/23, as part of the 2nd Tucson Rodeo Weekend, there was a Cowboy Arts and Crafts (and beer, tequila tasting) at the Steinfeld Warehouse adjacent to the Tucson Food Truck Round Up.  The Warehouse has recently been renovated and this 1907 building is a site to behold and experience.

Outside, near the railroad tracks and with the occasional Southern Pacific rolling back for atmospheric noise, the Food Trucks gathered and we loved the rustic-urban setting.  We enjoyed some favorites I have written about before from The Chef's Kitchen and Pin-Up Pastries, but a new one to rave about is Kadooks! .  Here is what Mark and I shared and were well-fed by the entree of their Costa Rican Cole Slaw Pork Sandwich.  I don't usually like cole slaw but this was delicious--a bit sweet and crunchy and the chefs told me it was made of purple and green cabbage with a touch of sugar and made "pink" by the vinegar.  The pork strips were thick and tasty and the toasted Belillo roll held everything neatly together.  At a cost of $7.00, the sandwich is a munchful bargain.

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