Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Defining Prosperity Down

As the second theme of my book, Talk UP^ Tucson... is an exploration of community prosperity, I am signed on to google alerts for everyday posts on both book themes: happiness and prosperity.  Almost every day, I post Facebook comments on articles related to happiness, but it's a rare article on prosperity that stirs my interest.  This article is such a rare find that I am posting it (also) on my blog.

The pop-up ads are annoying but the article is worth the distractions.  Here's a question for my readers: are you defining prosperity down in your life as the article suggests?  If so, how and what do you feel about this change?  I think I am doing that, out of necessity as well as adjusting the reality described in the article.  Mostly, I feel that it's leading me to live a simpler life, but sometimes I feel angry and depressed about what I can't "have" that I think I "want."  To be honest, I have what I need and practicing daily gratitude helps me stay focused on the cup more than half full.  What about you?

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