Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mt. Lemmon Summer "BrightSpot"

I have shared "BrightSpots" photos of Mt. Lemmon before, but this is summer and it surely is a gem of place for desert dwellers in the summer to head to the moutain and experience 30 degrees cooler temps.  Yesterday, Mark and I drove up about noon, went to the very top where the largest aspen grove still stands and walked for about an hour.  Later, we went to the Sawmill Inn in Summerhaven and celebrated Mark's 61st birthday with our son and his girlfriend.  Coming down (after buying the obligatory Mt. Lemmon fudge), we stopped at Windy Point and witnessed the storms in the valley below.  Enjoy these photos by Mark--flowers, ferns and forests.

The pathway with flowers by the side:

Grasses, ferns and forest
An old growth tree
Indian Paint Brush and fallen tree trunk with skeletons from the fire, 10 years ago
Happy Daisies
Majestic Aspens, rustling in the winds
"There's a storm across the desert..."--John Denver
Which photo is your favorite and why?

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