Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Remembering the 19 Yarnell Firefighters

On the Fourth of July I baked blueberry-pecan bread and we took it to Tucson Fire Station #3 (our neighborhood station) near Campbell and Broadway.  The firefighters said policy wouldn't allow them to be in a photo without prior permission, so Mark took this shot outside the station.  The flag is half-mast for the 19 Yarnell Firefighters who lost their lives and were memoralizaed today in Prescott, Arizona.

I am grateful for these valiant men and women who are willing to take risks to fight fires, pull victims out of burning cars, rescue a child from a pool, tenderly lift a kitten out of a tree.  In another capacity as EMTs, they respond to 911 calls and serve as medical first-responders.

So thanks Firefighters and EMTs and forever thankfulness to the Yarnell 19 for their ultimate sacrifice. You all are heroes.

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